Our Tutors

Aidan Somers

Aidan Somers, born in 1997, is a diverse artist and producer from Malta. His work showcases a variety of influences that broadly range from ambient to emotive and melancholic and electronic music. He first started studying music production in 2012 which led to several courses on Ableton Live and eventually private tuition with Andrej Ljatkovski, who helped him develop his sound.

Fueled by his passion for music, he further continued his studies by learning classical piano and percussion. With a focus on versatility and a love for composition, Aidan Somers aims to create a broad portfolio of work suitable for various settings. Nowadays, Aidan is working as a full-time producer and teacher. His days are mostly devoted to composing for local & international artists while also working with and developing up and coming artists and producers.

Aidan is also one of the founders of Sawtooth Audio Academy, an institution focused on educating artists with a passion in audio and music.

Aidan’s artistic endeavors on both known and unknown projects are also worth mentioning. Whether it’s composing as ‘Aidan Somers’ or ‘Alias 1’ his electronic project, both have gained traction in the local and international scene, releasing several record labels and working with established local artists.

Edwin Balzan

 Edwin has been composing, producing, and releasing dance music for the past 25 years having been one of the first pioneers of electronic dance music in Malta, releasing over 7 international vinyl releases and 3 albums. He started performing and recording on the modular synthesizer since 1998, in fact, the first-ever track he produced with Owen Jay using a modular was eventually released on vinyl.

Most recently, he has built an extensive system which he occasionally takes out on a joint live-pa project he has with Owen Jay entitled Parallaks, which has so far resulted in a vinyl release entitled 1000MW EP, they are frequently out and about performing (the last they performed was last June 2020 at a Blank event). Edwin co-owns a recording studio named Noise Alliance situated in Qormi, Malta, and is also the Director and Co-founder of the NGO Electronic Music Malta. He releases as Ed Blank and also is part of Duo Blank and Parallaks music projects

Carl Lautier

Carl Lautier is a multi influenced local DJ that has been active locally for the past 13 years. He is mostly known for the co-founding of Perpendicular, The Stomp, and Rebels for the sole purpose of pushing boundaries and limitations on diversification in sets and club cultures alike.

Carl carries a diverse portfolio of gigs still ongoing to this day making him one of the current longest-standing DJs. The wide-ranged spectrum of music digging saw him getting chillout, trip-hop and techno and house gigs locally and internationally alike.

Mark Agius

Born into a family of classically trained musicians and audio enthusiasts, This led to a keen interest in loudspeaker design, components and electronics, a subject which he researched a lot and eventually started experimenting with, by building loudspeaker enclosures from scratch.

Mark had the opportunity to join one of Malta’s leading events production companies as a trainee audiovisual technician. He enrolled in a Sound Engineering Diploma course at the prestigious School of Audio Engineering. Throughout his stay in Australia he also worked as a freelance audio technician for various production companies,  Mark obtained his Diploma in Sound Engineering graduating at the top of his class, and made a return to Europe. 

He took on a role as a full time audio operator with one of London’s leading corporate AV production companies. It was here he acquired a world class knowledge of live sound for corporate events by learning first hand from well established senior engineers, whilst working for high profile clients and some of the biggest companies in the world. In Malta where he established himself as a trustworthy freelance engineer known for delivering top notch results in the live sound industry.

Owen Jay

Owen Jay has been involved with the electronic music scene since the mid 90’s, both as a Dj and producer. He runs the label Batti Batti and has released music on several renowned labels such as Moods & Grooves (Detroit), Ornate, Contrast-Wax, Deep Explorer, Housewax, Metrolux, Minuendo and Hizou to name a few. He also co-produces under the aliases Parallaks (alongside Ed Blank) and Gauss (alongside Natan H). Jay loves various music styles, which is reflected in his productions and his Dj sets.

In Malta, Owen needs no introduction since he has been fundamental to developing the underground scene. When he started djing in 1993, only a handful of DJs focused on the true underground, and it was his mission and passion to steer away from commercialism. Owen has performed at numerous bars, clubs, and festivals throughout these years and hosted numerous radio shows. He has performed at multiple countries abroad, including venues such as Tresor and Panorama Bar in Berlin. 

Owen enjoys performing in any format since it is the music that matters the most for him. However, he cannot hide his passion for vinyl. Owen Jay indeed has some tips and tricks up his sleeve with all these years of spinning them records.

Julian Cefai

Julian Cefai is an experienced and passionate piano and music theory teacher. His journey with music started on the piano at the age of 5. Since then, he has acquired an ALCM and LLCM in piano performance and a BMusLSM in Music Theory. After completing these and an undergraduate degree in Engineering, he furthered his studies at the University of York, where he undertook an MSc in Audio and Music Technology.

Neil Hales

Neil Hales also known as Acidulant has been very much involved in every sector of the music field in his tiny island of Malta. He’s A fully-fledged acid freak and a qualified aircraft pilot.Neil has practically played in every underground club there is on the island, sharing booths with legendary acts such as Altern8, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Paula Temple, Rob Acid, Luke Vibert and many more.

Apart from producing music that spans along different genres, Neil is also one of the Founding members of a very well established non-profit organization called Electronic Music Malta.

Neil, writes electronic music with roland tb-303 machines older then himself. He has released multiple singles and ep’s on various record labels around the world.

His dream is to be the first to play and write acid music on the moon.


Geordie Attard

With a  passion for the rave scene and a qualified sound design degree from Catalyst Music Berlin, Geordie, 24, is an electronic music producer under the name ‘Human Red’. Primarily focusing on producing techno and acid music, Geordie creates most of his samples in his garage for an industrial and raw feeling in his tracks.


Inspired by his hunger for creating music, he continued his studies by learning classical piano, music theory, and drums. 


Geordie is also one of the founders of Sawtooth Audio Academy, a local school educating artists with a passion for audio and music.