Owen Bezzina –  Owen Jay has been involved with the electronic music scene since the mid 90’s, both as a Dj and producer. He runs the label Batti Batti and has released music on several renowned labels such as Moods & Grooves (Detroit), Ornate, Contrast-Wax, Deep Explorer, Housewax, Metrolux, Minuendo and Hizou to name a few. He also co-produces under the aliases Parallaks (alongside Ed Blank) and Gauss (alongside Natan H). Jay loves various music styles, which is reflected in his productions and his Dj sets.

In Malta, Owen needs no introduction since he has been fundamental to developing the underground scene. When he started djing in 1993, only a handful of DJs focused on the true underground, and it was his mission and passion to steer away from commercialism. Owen has performed at numerous bars, clubs, and festivals throughout these years and hosted numerous radio shows. He has performed at multiple countries abroad, including venues such as Tresor and Panorama Bar in Berlin. 

Owen enjoys performing in any format since it is the music that matters the most for him. However, he cannot hide his passion for vinyl. Owen Jay indeed has some tips and tricks up his sleeve with all these years of spinning them records.