MUSIC THEORY Fundamentals

  • 10 lessons, 2 hours each
  • Once a week
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • All sessions will be held at SAA studio¬†
  • Can be paid in up to 3 instalments

This course is for those producers who want to take their music composing up a notch. The structure of this course will go from the basics of notes from both a production and classical music perspective going through keys, scales, chords and more.


1. Music Theory Evolution
2. Melody vs Harmony vs Rhythm
3. Music Alphabet,Tones and Semitones (Sharps/Flats),
4. Octave Numbers Introduction to sheet music (Clefs, bars, time signature, notes)
5. Advanced Intervals (Note values and names, Bars and Time Signatures, Grouping in classical music, Dotted Notes)
6. Major and Minor Scales Intervals that arise from the scales
7. The Circle of Fifths

8. Simple and Compound
9. Time Relative Minors Chord Basics, Chord Degrees,
10. Chord Progressions and Advanced Chords
11. Triplets and Duplets
12. Church Modes
13. Composition vs Production
14. Composing for real instruments
15. Instrument Families
16. Pentatonic and Other Scales
17. Song writing (Choosing A key, progressions, melodies


Julian Cefai is an experienced and passionate piano and music theory teacher. His journey with music started on the piano at the age of 5. Since then, he has acquired an ALCM and LLCM in piano performance and a BMusLSM in Music Theory. After completing these and an undergraduate degree in Engineering, he furthered his studies at the University of York, where he undertook an MSc in Audio and Music Technology.