Modular Synthesis.

  • 15 lessons, 2 hours each
  • Once a week 
  • Provided gear to practice on during sessions
  • The first and last session will be held at SAA studio, the remaining 13 exclusively at Noice Alliance Studio in Qormi.
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • Last session students have the opportunity to record a live act.
  • Can be paid in up to 3 installments

Throughout the ‘Modular Synthesis’ course, participants are taken through the world of modular synthesis. Students will have the opportunity to understand by practice, the various aspects related to modular by trying out from the simplest to the most elaborate of systems, using both hardware and also software-based approaches. Students will be guided on how to use the modular approach to create not only sound but also compose music. This course will go through the history of modular, in detail explanation of the various forms of modular synthesizers, signal flow, sound design, sequencing, synchronizing midi, and guidance creating a personal rack.


1. Introduction – what is modular, the various forms of modular synthesiser.
2.The basic concepts of signal flow in a modular synthesiser.
3.The basic elements of sound applied in modular synthesisers.
4.Oscillators, Waveforms and noise generators.
5.Filters: modes, slopes and resonance.
6.Wave shaping and envelope generation.
7. Low Frequency Modulation and Random Voltages.
8. Clocking and basic sequencing.
9. Mixing voltages, mixing audio and attenuation.
10. Effects, concept of parallel and serial effect chains.

11. Modular Sequencing -drumming, basic pitch, gate, looping, quantising, ratcheting, controlling timbre & dynamics.
12. Creating sounds on a modular – a drum sound patch.
13. Creating sounds on a modular – a bass sound patch.
14. Creating sounds on a modular – adding more dynamics.
15. Connecting a modular to computers, synchronising to MIDI.
16. How to build a modular system
17. Thinking modular – how to apply modular synthesis concepts in DAW software such as Ableton Live.


Edwin has been composing, producing, and releasing dance music for the past 25 years having been one of the first pioneers of electronic dance music in Malta, releasing over 7 international vinyl releases and 3 albums. He started performing and recording on the modular synthesizer since 1998, in fact, the first-ever track he produced with Owen Jay using a modular was eventually released on vinyl.

Most recently, he has built an extensive system which he occasionally takes out on a joint live-pa project he has with Owen Jay entitled Parallaks, which has so far resulted in a vinyl release entitled 1000MW EP,  they are frequently out and about performing (the last they performed was last June 2020 at a Blank event). Edwin co-owns a recording studio named Noise Alliance situated in Qormi, Malta, and is also the Director and Co-founder of the NGO Electronic Music Malta. He releases as Ed Blank and also is part of Duo Blank and Parallaks music projects.