Born into a family of classically trained musicians and audio enthusiasts Mark’s love for Music and sound started in his early childhood. Throughout secondary school he became particularly interested in the science of sound during physics class. This led to a keen interest in loudspeaker design, components and electronics, a subject which he researched a lot and eventually started experimenting with, by building loudspeaker enclosures from scratch.


In 2005, Mark had the opportunity to join one of Malta’s leading events production companies as a trainee audiovisual technician. Over the next two years he was trained in practical knowledge for live and TV studio sound by senior technicians and engineers, and it was this knowledge that inspired him to seek out a formal education on the subject.


In 2007 Mark moved to Sydney, where he enrolled in a Sound Engineering Diploma course at the prestigious School of Audio Engineering. Throughout his stay in Australia he also worked as a freelance audio technician for various production companies, where he was involved in a variety of events ranging from operating FOH and monitors in small venues, to assisting on large scale music festivals. Meanwhile, Mark obtained his Diploma in Sound Engineering graduating at the top of his class, and made a return to Europe after over two years in Sydney.


In 2009 he took on a role as a full time audio operator with one of London’s leading corporate AV production companies. It was here he acquired a world class knowledge of live sound for corporate events by learning first hand from well established senior engineers, whilst working for high profile clients and some of the biggest companies in the world. In 2011 Mark returned to Malta where he established himself as a trustworthy freelance engineer known for delivering top notch results in the live sound industry.