Live Performance

  • 10 lessons, 2 hours each
  • Once a week 
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • The first and last session will be held at SAA studio, the remaining 8 will be held at Neil Hale(Acidulant)’s studio in Fgura
  • In the last session, the students will have the opportunity to record a video live act of 30 mins, with half an hour of practice beforehand.
  • Can be paid by in to 3 instalments

In the ‘Live Performance’ course, students will learn how to design and use an empowering set of modern MIDI-based tools to integrate instruments, keyboards, and other MIDI controllers for live performances. Throughout the course students will be guided on choosing the right gear for a reliable setup, that is easier to troubleshoot and have more freedom when performing Live. Having such freedom in one’s workflow allows more originality and creativity while composing music or doing a live act, expanding one’s creative freedom.


  • Choosing the right tools
  • Getting to know the tools
  • Setting up the workstations to a ‘One Setup’ Rig
  • Good Quality Audio
  • Creating and Performing


Neil Hales also known as Acidulant has been very much involved in every sector of the music field in his tiny island of Malta. He’s A fully-fledged acid freak and a qualified aircraft pilot.Neil has practically played in every underground club there is on the island, sharing booths with legendary acts such as Altern8, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Paula Temple, Rob Acid, Luke Vibert and many more.

Apart from producing music that spans along different genres, Neil is also one of the Founding members of a very well established non-profit organization called Electronic Music Malta.

Neil, writes electronic music with roland tb-303 machines older then himself. He has released multiple singles and ep’s on various record labels around the world.

His dream is to be the first to play and write acid music on the moon.