Classical music has always been a big part of Julian Cefai’s life. Starting piano at the age of 5, he quickly developed an obsession with music. Till his twenties this was mainly in the form of study of music theory and piano performance. At the climax of his piano journey he acquired and ALCM and LLCM in piano performance and a BMusLSM in Music Theory.

While doing this he was developing a love for engineering at the University of Malta. After completing his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in Malta he began to explore the electronic side of things, becoming interested in Sound design and Production. This interest culminated in a Masters Degree at the University of York in Audio and Music Technology, which he passed with First Class.

Following his return to Malta he dedicated himself to teaching music. He teaches pianoforte and music theory and loves helping his student bridge the gap between classic music theory and electronic music production. This is his 5th year teaching music and is very excited to be joining the Sawtooth Audio Academy Team!