Introduction to ableton

  • 10 lessons, 2 hours each
  • Once a week 
  • Laptop and gear provided by the academy
  • 100 pages + tailor-made notes from the academy.
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • The first 2 lessons will be held at SAA studio, the remaining 8 exclusively at Aidan Somers’s Studio in Birkirkara.
  • Can be paid by up to 3 instalments

Through the ‘Introduction to Ableton’ course, the students will have a better understanding of Ableton’s layout and all its tools, aiding in helping artists find their flow and technique becoming more fluent through Ableton. Aside from an in-depth explanation of Ableton’s instruments and effects, different approaches and techniques will be practiced to expands one’s outcome when using this DAW.  Students will also benefit from 100+ pages worth of notes on Ableton, tailor-made from the Academy.


1 . Intro to Ableton, Setting up & Fundamentals of Electronic Music

2 . Drum Rack & Midi Instruments (How to insert drum hits & instruments, midi information, writing clips, sampler view)

3 . Music Theory – Piano Roll (Scales, Chords & Intervals) (Midi effects – Major & Minor & Other scales, what are chords & intervals, route note & pitching samples)

4 . Warping Audio & Sampling (Warp modes, Sampler modes, Slice mode and pitching, one shot, chopping)

5 . Synths & Sound Design (Using multiple drum sounds, swing, ADSR)

6 . Using Effects creatively (EQ, Reverbs, using effects for buildups & processing,) 

7 . Recordings & Automation (Sketching arrangements, automation curves, overdub, scenes)


With a  passion for the rave scene and a qualified sound design degree from Catalyst Music Berlin, Geordie, 24, is an electronic music producer under the name ‘Human Red’. Primarily focusing on producing techno and acid music, Geordie creates most of his samples in his garage for an industrial and raw feeling in his tracks.

 Inspired by his hunger for creating music, he continued his studies by learning classical piano, music theory, and drums. 

 Geordie is also one of the founders of Sawtooth Audio Academy, a local school educating artists with a passion for audio and music.