Fundamentals of sound

  • 6 lessons, 2.5 hours each
  • Once a week
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • All sessions will be held at SAA studio 
  • Can be paid in up to 3 installments

The ‘Fundamentals of Sound’ is an intense crash course designed to help solve issues with sound in situations that musicians, producers, and DJs often have to face in their careers. 

 To help students really understand what is going on with their sound, we will go at the  core of audio principals that can be applied in any situation where sound exists. The combination of Sound Theory and Audio Electronics lessons will build a foundation for understanding the main principals of sound in nature and how technology is used to translate it into audio signals. 

The course will then delve into a deeper understanding of analogue and digital audio and apply this knowledge to real world situations. A lesson dedicated entirely to acoustics will then provide students with an integral knowledge of the behavioural characteristics of sound energy, 

 Each lesson will also end with an important practical 30 minute ear training session for problem frequency recognition. 

 Students will also have plenty of notes and further reading to follow at home and optional workshops will be available after the course for gaining specialised knowledge about particular areas of


1. Sound Theory (Properties of Sound Waves , Frequency Bands ,Time and Distance ,Loudness and Decibels ,Complex Waves )

2.Audio Electronics (Electricity ,Input Transducers ,Amplifiers ,Output Transducers ,Loudspeaker Applications ,Headphones )

3. Analogue Audio and Digital Theory (Audio Signals ,Analogue Lines ,Analogue Characteristics ,AD Conversion ,Digital Audio Attributes ,Digital Audio Formats

4. Applied Audio Knowledge (Analogue vs Digital and Hybrid Systems ,Basic Signal Flow ,Advanced Signal Flow ,Analogue and Digital Mixer Applications ,Connectors and Cables ,DAWs )

5. Acoustic Principles (Resonance ,Reflections ,Listening Environment ,Indoor Bass Response ,sound Isolation )

6. Music, Sound and Critical Listening (Sound and Music ,Critical Listening ,Mix Analysis )

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Born into a family of classically trained musicians and audio enthusiasts, This led to a keen interest in loudspeaker design, components and electronics, a subject which he researched a lot and eventually started experimenting with, by building loudspeaker enclosures from scratch.

Mark had the opportunity to join one of Malta’s leading events production companies as a trainee audiovisual technician. He enrolled in a Sound Engineering Diploma course at the prestigious School of Audio Engineering. Throughout his stay in Australia he also worked as a freelance audio technician for various production companies,  Mark obtained his Diploma in Sound Engineering graduating at the top of his class, and made a return to Europe. 

He took on a role as a full time audio operator with one of London’s leading corporate AV production companies. It was here he acquired a world class knowledge of live sound for corporate events by learning first hand from well established senior engineers, whilst working for high profile clients and some of the biggest companies in the world. In Malta where he established himself as a trustworthy freelance engineer known for delivering top notch results in the live sound industry.