DJing On Vinyl

  • 20 lessons, 1 hour each
  • Once a week
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • The first and last sessions will be held at SAA studio , the remaining 18 exclusively at Owen’s Jay Studio in Mosta.
  • The last session will be 1 on 1, students will have the opportunity to Video record a half an hour set, with 30 mins to practice beforehand.
  • Can be paid in up to 3 installments

In the ‘DJing on Vinyl’ course, students will be introduced to the history and origins of djing, the ethics of djing, the club culture, basic music theory, mixing, and building a set. 

During the last few years, spinning records among DJs is becoming more and more popular, and who can blame them! We all love the crackling and warm sound of records. Also Djing on turntables forces you to look at the turntables and not do anything else except devote your ears and get to know your library, making it a more immersive experience. Naturally, searching for records requires more effort, and that effort can also lead to new discoveries and new engagement. Owning vinyl records means owning something tangible rather than something stored digitally and owning a library is an incredible experience.


  1. Demonstration on the setup/functions/purpose of equipment.
  1. Identifying the exact starting point of the track.
  1. Counting the bars, ie. identifying the ”one, two, three, four” count
  1. Practicing the cue scratch and releasing on the one.
  1. Learn ing  how to identify which record is faster or slower and using the pitch control on the turntable.

  2. Students learn how to use the mixer to blend records.

  3. Maintaining the Mix , learning how to control the pitch in order to deliver a long mix.

  4. Choosing records and when to mix.


Owen Bezzina –  Owen Jay has been involved with the electronic music scene since the mid 90’s, both as a Dj and producer. He runs the label Batti Batti and has released music on several renowned labels such as Moods & Grooves (Detroit), Ornate, Contrast-Wax, Deep Explorer, Housewax, Metrolux, Minuendo and Hizou to name a few. He also co-produces under the aliases Parallaks (alongside Ed Blank) and Gauss (alongside Natan H). Jay loves various music styles, which is reflected in his productions and his Dj sets.

In Malta, Owen needs no introduction since he has been fundamental to developing the underground scene. When he started djing in 1993, only a handful of DJs focused on the true underground, and it was his mission and passion to steer away from commercialism. Owen has performed at numerous bars, clubs, and festivals throughout these years and hosted numerous radio shows. He has performed at multiple countries abroad, including venues such as Tresor and Panorama Bar in Berlin. 

Owen enjoys performing in any format since it is the music that matters the most for him. However, he cannot hide his passion for vinyl. Owen Jay indeed has some tips and tricks up his sleeve with all these years of spinning them records.