DJing On CDjs

In the ‘DJing on CDJS ’ course, students will be introduced to the history and origins of djing, equipment setup, the ethics of djing, club culture, track selection, mixing, and building a set. 

CDJs have been the industry standard for a long time now,  one can safely turn up to an event with no more than a USB stick if the club has CDJs. They feature everything you could ever need to perform a great set. Having numerous features like BPM readers, looping, using FX, Linking CDJs, mixing multiple tracks simultaneously and more, will aid in giving unlimited freedom while DJing.  

  • 15 lessons, 1 hour each
  • Once a week 
  • Up to 2 students per class
  • All session will be held at SAA studio
  • The last session will be 1 on 1, students will have the opportunity to Video Record a half the hour set, with 30 mins to practice beforehand.
  • Can be paid in up to 3 installments


  1. Demonstration on the setup/functions/purpose of equipment.

  2. Counting the bars, ie. identifying the ”one, two, three, four” count

  3. Practicing the cue and releasing.

  4. Learning  how to identify which track is faster or slower and using the pitch control on the CDJay.

  1. Students learn how to use the mixer EQ to blend tracks.

  2. Maintaining the Mix , learning how to control the pitch in order to deliver a long mix.

  3. Choosing tracks and when to mix.

  4. Final Set recording and review


Carl Lautier is a multi influenced local DJ that has been active locally for the past 13 years. He is mostly known for the co-founding of Perpendicular, The Stomp, and Rebels for the sole purpose of pushing boundaries and limitations on diversification in sets and club cultures alike.

Carl carries a diverse portfolio of gigs still ongoing to this day making him one of the current longest-standing DJs. The wide-ranged spectrum of music digging saw him getting chillout and trip-hop residencies at Cafe del Mar to an 8 year House music residency with Gringos to some dark and obscure Techno nights at Liquid. 

He’s been booked by all the clubs in Malta and Gozo with a multitude of opening and closing sets for some of the best international DJs such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Joseph Capriati, Joris Voorn, and many more.