We get this question a lot! And there is no correct answer! There should never be an age limit on when to learn a new art. Of course, in some cases, like Djing and Music Production, it will be easier to have other essential skills prior, like reading and counting.

Here at SAA, we have been working with young kids for quite some time now both in Djing and Music Production courses. The youngest being only four years old and the eldest kid is ten years old.

Naturally, each child is built differently. Although we have a structure of the course we will be teaching, each student is treated differently and accordingly.

Teaching these kids has left us all with a mark of joy that will keep pushing us to become better mentors and individuals. There are these moments where we bond with the students and, for example, invent phrases to simplify technical terms. One of these phrases is, “Make It Nice!” we used this term with our youngest student (a 4-year-old girl) to mix the music with the EQs on the mixer (Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs). 

As a Music and Djing School based in Malta, we have focused on building a system that will cater to the needs of everyone of any age. All our mentors are dedicated to delivering a soothing and personal experience to all students involved.

As Picasso said, “Every kid is an Artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.”. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to express their selves in one way or another. Growing up is a delicate process, and practicing art at a young age will aid in better self-expression when growing up.

We not only believe that learning Music production or Djing is beautiful as a craft, but it will enhance other personal skills in the process, Like;

  • Becoming More Organized 

  • Self Esteem

  • Self Expression

  • Creative and Critical thinking

  • Value of Patience

  • The Feeling of accomplishment

  • Instills Willpower and Dedication