One of our tutors have worked with local Maltese NGO’s to use his knowledge and experience in music production to create music on a project with kids.

Music has always been a way for individuals to let go and explore their inner selves. That’s why this great new initiative has been started by Erasmus+ and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union. The I.COM European project is composed of nine partners coming from seven different countries. The lead partner of this project is the Terre Medicee Foundation

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Aidan Sommers, representing Electronic Music Malta (EMM), aided in the post-production and mixing of the tracks created by these youths. EMM helps emerging artists to make a name for themselves, both on a local and international level. 

This project fostered a community within the youths and their mentors whereby the youths had the opportunity to use this scheme as a creative outlet. Both difficult themes as well as heartbreaking topics have been explored and discussed as the youths were in a safe space and had complete freedom when it came to formulating their own songs. 

Via I.COM, the youths had the opportunity to write, record, perform and professionally finish their rap/hip hop songs. Help was found throughout the process, with the youths having a shoulder to lean on throughout the whole journey.

The final step of this project was the recording of three music videos featuring experiences or themes from the young people’s lives. So far, we know that the three songs created are titled GħajjejtLImħabba and I Love My Friends, with all songs premiering this week. You can watch the first video below!